We are working together with artist Geraldine Cox, who has an extraordinary passion and facility for deep exploration, accurate explanation and clear synthesis of scientific ideas through works of art. She has degrees in physics and fine art and has won numerous prizes and awards, including two large awards from the Arts Council and a Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence Award. We will work with Ms. Cox to share our understanding of the quantum world through images, writing, films or other media.

The works, as well as other outreach activities, will be documented here throughout the duration of the programme grant.

Making Motionless Molecules from Geraldine Cox on Vimeo.


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Atom Day Workshops

Together with Geraldine Cox, artist-in-residence in the Blackett Laboratory at Imperial College, we have developed an outreach activity, which we have called “Atom Days”, with the aim of introducing primary school children to the beauty of atoms and their intricate interactions with light; a topic which sits at the core of QSUM research. The Atom Day is designed to inspire wonder, creativity and curiosity and expand the imagination. It is structured to reach as many minds as possible by using questioning and discussion, art, experiment, dance, and poetry. The overall ambition is to have happy children who have had a brilliant unforgettable time.
You can read more about Atom Days at https://www.worldofatoms.com

Great Exhibition Road Festival, London 28-30 June 2019

The team from Imperial participated in the 2019 “Great Exhibition Road Festival”, 28-30 June, London, hosting a stand on lasers to allow attendees to learn about the difference between laser light and normal light, explore how laser beams can be controlled, and see optical tweezers in action.

Public and Schools engagement activities

As well as the Atom Days programme in schools, the QSUM team has participated in numerous outreach activities to date for members of the public.  These have included:

  • Prof Ed Hinds delivering the 2019 Bakerian lecture at the Royal Society
  • contributing to the BBC documentary ‘From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature‘, first broadcast 18th Feb 2018.
  • contributing to a BBC video to raise awareness of Women in Science (Williams)
  • Podcast (Sciencemixtape) discussing ultracold molecules
  • participating in ‘Celebrate Science Week’ (October 2018, Durham)
  • presenting work at ‘Saturday Morning Science’ (February 2019, Durham)
  • contributing to Chemistry World articles (Fitch)
  • giving talks to secondary school pupils
  • giving lab tours for school pupils and members of the public
  • hosting work experience & internship students
  • presenting work at the Women in Physics Open Day (Imperial)
  • participating in ‘Skype a Scientist’
  • contributing to the development of a hands-on outreach activities that guide school-age students through understanding the basic nature of polarised light